Born from a Wish Walkthrough

West South Vale

"I want to find somebody. I don't like being alone... But... but is there anyone left alive?"

Video Walkthrough
Heaven's Night

Starting things off, Maria holds a Revolver in her hand which will be her main weapon for this scenario. You can also see what she was truly contemplating by checking how much ammo is inside it from your inventory.

Collect the two packs of Revolver Bullets on the shelf and two Health Drinks by the door. Leave the room and enter the front of the club through the green door to Maria's left.

Find the 1 Chinese Cleaver stabbed into the bar and a First-Aid Kit on the chair beside it. The Chinese Cleaver will serve as Maria's only melee weapon in this scenario and is quite effective. Although ammo conservation is hardly necessary here, give the Cleaver a shot. Leave Heaven's Night through the front door.

Carroll Street

Run down the steps to start your journey on Carroll Street. Now your objective here is to find another human, so you may want to head to Rosewater Park to meet a familiar friend, but Carroll Street is blocked off to the north and there's no other way to get there just yet, so we'll have to explore the town and see what we can find. First there's lots of items to find, but if you're just interested in getting to the goal then skip ahead to North Munson Street listed below.

Avoid the Mannequin by the green car and continue south. Grab the Health Drink on the step of the semi on the left side of the road. Maria isn't interested in the hospital, so continue south to Rendell Street past two Lying Figures.

Rendell Street

On Rendell, you can find a pack of Revolver Bullets on the rear bumper of the station wagon at the west end. Since the road is blocked off here, head back east and continue that way. If you stay on the north side you may notice a Lying Figure on the roof of a building by a fence, which poses no threat to you but is interesting nonetheless. Just past the building on the north side are two Health Drinks just in front of the delivery truck.

Munson and Katz Street

Once you reach Munson Street, you'll only find a Mannequin to the south and a gate on Saul Street that won't open, so head north up Munson past two Lying Figures. East Katz Street is also blocked off, however to the west you can find a First-Aid Kit on the small brick wall by the 4x4 halfway down the north side of Katz. Farther down at the southwest end you can also find two boxes of Revolver Bullets inside a fenced area with two Mannequins chilling out nearby.

Back on Munson, a little north are two Mannequins along with a lot of blood splattered on the ground in various places. There are also Revolver Bullets a bit farther north by the front left wheel of the green car at the right side of the road. Continuing north, you can find more Revolver Bullets and a First-Aid Kit inside the back of the pickup truck in the opening at the east side of the road.

North End of Munson

Just north from there, a Mannequin and Lying Figure stand by another blood patch and a cracked-open door. Just to the north you'll find the road blocked by a large construction sheet, with two packs of Revolver Bullets under the Jack's Inn sign on the left side of the road. But since there's nowhere else to go, that door on the east side looks like your best bet to find somebody.

Head through the inviting door to confront two more Lying Figures in the yard. Quickly run past them and the mysterious corpse on the ground to enter what looks to be a mansion through the double doors up the steps.

  02. Baldwin Mansion