Dark South Vale

"Mary... What... What should I do? Are you... really waiting somewhere for me? Or is this your way of taking..."

Video Walkthrough
West South Vale: Finding a Route to the East

Back out in the streets, it's now dark and you'll find a whole new resupply of items around town on your way to Lindsey Street and the park, which will appear alongside any supplies you may have missed earlier.

Head south down Carroll Street past a threesome of Nurses. You can find an Ampoule and Handgun Bullets at the west end of Rendell Street on the south side, and a Health Drink and First-Aid Kit behind the station wagon on the other side of the road.

Head east on Rendell past some Nurses and get the two boxes of Shotgun Shells and the Rifle Shells in the dirt area on the north side of the road, near another Bubble Head Nurse. Farther east are more Rifle Shells and some Handgun Bullets. Don't freak out about not having a Rifle just yet. It won't be for a while that we actually get it, and certainly not in the streets.

Continue east on the north side of the road and grab the Health Drink and Shotgun Shells at the far end of the construction sheet. Head southeast towards Saul Street via Munson Street. Ignore or kill any Nurses on the way, and get the two boxes of Handgun Bullets by the blocked off Munson Street in the corner of the map, along with the two Health Drinks by the door around the corner on Saul Street. Move east on Saul to find and pass through a gate.

There will be new monsters called Mandarins under the grating in this area. There are a total of three and although they move at moderate speed, they're easy to get by. Run down the path, dodging the gaps in the grating on both sides as well as the Mandarins, and go through the gate at the end of the path after unlocking it (your Flashlight must be on to unlock the gate).

East South Vale: Finding the Letter and Wrench

You can find and enter the camper trailer from earlier on in the game just ahead, but there's only the same Save Point inside. Outside by the front of the trailer is a First-Aid Kit, and two boxes of Shotgun Shells by the nearby car. Continue east on Saul Street, travelling on the south side of the road, and get the two packs of Handgun Bullets by the newspaper stands there. There's also a First-Aid Kit in front of a shop on the northwest corner of Saul and Neely Street.

Checking your map first, make your way to Happy Burger for Rifle Shells on the west side of the restaurant by the sign, and more Rifle Shells on the east side of the building in the parking lot. Rifle Shells are fairly rare in this game, and while you don't even have the Rifle yet I'd strongly advise not skipping these and others.

Get the Handgun Bullets in front of Neely's Bar to the north, and enter Neely's Bar from the side door on Neely Street to find a new message on the far wall...

Note on wall message:
It may ever so slightly influence the outcome of the ending received at the end of the game to read this message, but it's definitely worth the viewing. Refer to the Endings section for more information once you've completed the game.

After Neely's Bar, head east on Sanders Street past the Mannequins and Bubble Head Nurses. Move north around the corner and up Lindsey Street. Find the second house to the north past Gonzale's Mexican Restaurant, and on the front porch of the house you will find the letter and 33 Wrench. Note the wide angle camera change to find the house if you're having trouble.

In the letter we are finally told just what we are looking for and why we need the wrench. There is a key to the "society", the Silent Hill Historical Society, in box a buried behind the praying woman statue in the park, and we will need a wrench to open it. You may also remember the broken English note in the hospital stairwell that said the same thing, minus the wrench. So our next destination is Rosewater Park.

Finding Your Way Back to the Park

Continue north up Lindsey Street to Katz Street, and get the Handgun Bullets at the Cafe Texan door on the corner. You can also find more Handgun Bullets by a garage door just before Vachss Road to the northeast. Start west on Katz and pick up the Health Drink and Rifle Shells by Big Jay's on Katz/Neely by the Neely Street entrance. Handgun Bullets are found at the southwest corner of the Katz/Neely intersection.

Head west past some enemies and go through the now unlocked gate past the apartments – "The door that wakes in darkness, opening into nightmares". Looks like that door wasn't lying after all, but the second part of it doesn't sound very promising...

Continue west from the gate to Munson Street. If interested in supplies, there's Handgun Bullets and a Health Drink up the stairs on the southwest corner of Katz/Munson, plus a First-Aid Kit and Ampoule in the open fenced area at the southwest end of Katz, and another First-Aid Kit across the road by the fire hydrant on the north side there.

Now head north up Munson past some Nurses. There's a Health Drink in the little road above Blue Creek and Handgun Bullets at the right side of the Nathan/Munson intersection to the north. Head west on Nathan Avenue until you reach the entrance to Rosewater Park.

Return to Rosewater Park

Take the left path moving north into the park and get the two packs of Shotgun Shells in the left concrete area. Go to the right side of the path and move north until you see some steps on the right. Follow down them and the next steps and pathway, where you'll find the praying women statue around the corner to James' left.

First, examine the ground behind it where you can see dirt to dig and reveal a tin box, bolted shut. Use the Wrench from your inventory to open the tin box and take the 34 Old Bronze Key inside.

Now head back up to the main pathway, and if interested you can find some more items deeper into the park, including an Ampoule on a west ledge on the way to the waterfront and two packs of Shotgun Shells at the northwest corner of the east section of the park. When done, exit Rosewater Park to Nathan Avenue.

Heading to the Historical Society

Now we got the key, so let's go to the museum. Head west on Nathan Avenue all the way to the Silent Hill Historical Society. It's quite a distance away but keep on trucking past all the enemies you see. If you want some Rifle Shells, head to the west end of the road where the wrecked bridge is, past the museum and right by the corpse we found in the daytime.

Once in the museum parking lot, watch out for the Nurse to the right. If you didn't get it during the daytime, there will be a First-Aid Kit by the fence. Head over to the entrance at the left and enter the museum, using the Old Bronze Key.

06. Nightmare Hospital 08. Silent Hill Historical Society