Born from a Wish Walkthrough

Blue Creek Apartments

"In the apartment next door, there is a bottle containing a white liquid. I must have it."

Video Walkthrough

Once inside the familiar apartment building, if you want it you can find the Map of the Apt Bldg on the floor by the 2F stairwell door, right where James finds it in the main scenario (so is Maria stealing it first?). The item you're looking for is on the first floor, so head through the door directly across from where you entered.

First Floor

Ignore the Lying Figures patrolling the hall and enter room 105 to the left. Just inside on the fancy-looking desk you'll find the 8 White Liquid that Ernest is looking for. There's also a First-Aid Kit and Health Drink on the kitchenette counters, plus a Save Point through the open doorway in the main room. Leave the room and re-enter the stairwell.

Feel free to explore 2F if you wish, but you'll only find enemies. Return to the apartment's backyard and re-enter the mansion.

Return to Baldwin Mansion

Slip past the fresh Lying Figure in the hallway, down the stairs and through the door at the far end of the Creeper hallway. Then move up the stairway and through the door back to the first floor.

Now head through the western door here and enter the Study for the last time. Approach and examine Ernest's door for a long cutscene. Maria leaves the White Liquid for him on the nearby table, shortly before discovering the real truth about him.

The End

Congratulations on beating the Born From A Wish scenario. Enjoy the short ending as Maria begins to understand her purpose, along with the credits, another great song by Akira Yamaoka, and your end ranking screen with some stats.

02. Baldwin Mansion