Toluca Lake

"Mary... Did you really die three years ago...?"

Video Walkthrough
Boat Dock

So after all those holes, elevators and staircases, we somehow end up above ground right behind the Historical Society? Seems legit. Either way, we're very close to our goal. Continue along the dock to find a Save Point on a barrel. Follow the dock around to the left to find a boat. Note the faint light in the distance and get in the boat.

James will row away from the dock in a brief scene, but then you will take over. It is now entirely up to you to row yourself across Toluca Lake through the immense fog. Once in the boat, if you turn to the right you'll see a shining light through the fog, which seems to be a lighthouse. That is your destination.

Note on boat controls:
On Beginner, Easy or Normal Action Level, the left analog stick or the D-pad buttons will control the boat. Hold up to go forward and left and right to steer. Note that left and right will perform large turns while up/left and up/right will allow you to make minor adjustments while keeping forward momentum. Very simple.

However on Hard, you must use both analog sticks to control the boat. To move forward, simultaneously turn the left stick counter-clockwise and the right stick clockwise. This essentially imitates the same motions that James performs while rowing the boat. To steer left, rotate both sticks clockwise simultaneously, or counter-clockwise to turn right. Note that while James may glance around and not quite look like he's rowing in some cases, the controls are always working.

Rowing Across the Lake

Now that you know how to control the boat, get moving. First, steer to the right until you spot the light ahead. If you overshoot it a bit, countersteer and keep the boat facing that light. Now head directly for it. At full speed you should reach your destination in about a minute, but maybe a bit longer if you're having to correct or having other struggles.

Once you reach the light, James will dock the boat and step out onto the dock near the Lake View Hotel. Make sure you aim directly at the light as James will not dock if too far to the side.

10. The Labyrinth 12. Lake View Hotel