1. The landscape you see at the beginning of Silent Hill 2 is a shot of Derwentwater Lake near Keswick, UK.

2. The exterior of the church seen in the Rebirth Ending is of the Church of San Pedro in Ávila, Spain.

3. Laura sings a song called Ring Around the Rosie while sitting on the fence when James approaches her. A common theory says that this song actually describes the bubonic plague epidemic.

Ring-a-round the rosie,
A pocket full of posies,
Ashes! Ashes!
We all fall down.

4. Twitching of Bubble Head Nurses' heads symbolizes Mary's agony.

5. Flesh Lips symbolizes bedridden Mary. That is why it has a "mouth" in its crotch. When James is under the creature's attack, it reminds him of how Mary used to revile James. All monsters after this moment in the game have "mouths", while Pyramid Head, Lying Figure, Mannequin and Bubble Head Nurse don't.

6. Masahiro Ito created an image called "Pyramid Figures" in 1995 while studying at Tama Art University. The image later evolved into well-known Red Pyramid Thing from Silent Hill 2.

7. Silent Hill 2 has a hidden minimap extra option which is normally not accessible.

8. Green hyper spray is such a mysterious weapon that some of its kills go to the "Defeated Enemy By Shooting" counter, some to "Defeated Enemy By Fighting" and some don't count.

9. Initially, Masahiro Ito planned to arm Bubble Head Nurses with drip stands.

10. The technical realization of mirrors in Silent Hill 2/3/4 utilizes a copy of a room and double character models.

11. In SH2, the signboard above the entrance of the Brookhaven Hospital actually says "Blookhaven Hospital". This was fixed in SH3.

12. Silent Hill 2 has a developer top down camera mode which can be enabled by altering the game's memory (e.g. via Cheat Engine).

13. A song used in the Dog Ending of SH2, when James meets Mira, is "In My Eyes" by Akira Yamaoka. The track was originally written for beatmania IIDX 5th style.

14. The reverse sides of the coins used in the Apartments puzzle can be seen in the game's inventory if you play on the Extra Riddle difficulty. However, the actual reverse side of the Prisoner Coin's model shows flowers and is not used in the game.

15. This character, designed by Masahiro Ito and based on Lying Figure from SH2, was initially supposed to appear in a short SH video "Fukuro" included on DVD "Lost Memories".

16. This is what happens with Angela when she reaches the top of the burning stairs.

17. Costume design for Mary and Laura was heavily influenced by the 1997 action film "Con Air" starring Nicholas Cage. The outfits belonged to Cage's wife and daughter (in the film).

18. Masahiro Ito created Pyramid Head specifically for the In water Ending.

19. The basic storyline in SH2 is based on the famous Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel "Crime and Punishment". The book follows the story of a young student struggling with a moral dilemma of committing a murder for a good cause.

20. The car which James Sunderland used in SH2 is 1977 Pontiac Ventura. The very same model was later reused as Jasper Gein's car in SH4 (it even has the same California registered license plate - 000 TH2).

21. Pyramid Head's Great Knife was actually meant to be one half of the broken scissors explaining its weird handle. James gets the other one at the labyrinth. In the room you can see multiple scissors lying around the knife. Masahiro Ito didn't have time to make another model with a different look for the game so they're identical. [Source]