3f Patient Wing Keypad Puzzle (Hospital)

Location: Brookhaven Hospital, door to the 3F patient wing



The solution to this puzzle is always on the whiteboard in the first floor Doctor's Lounge. On Easy/Normal you're simply told the code but on Hard/Extra you'll have to solve a little riddle to decipher the code.


3rd floor patient wing hall - 7335

There you go, just enter the code to unlock the doors.


"The pin number this month is
'T'. Last month it was 'X'
and before that it was 'Z.'
But what are they going to
do next month? That's all they
can express with 4 numbers.

Anyway does the door to the
Patient Wing really need to have
its combination changed this

So the code was a Z, then an X, and now it's a T... How do you get a number from that? Well, simple. How do you draw a T? Naturally, you'd first draw the top from left to right, then the bottom from top to bottom. Some may do it differently, perhaps from top to bottom and then the left to right top, but the people who work at this hospital operate the first way, as we're about to find out.

Again, how does this relate to numbers? Well, look at the keypad and imagine how you'd draw a T on it. You would do so like this:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

The keypad uses a 4-digit code, so following our drawing format described above, we would start at 1 and cross over to 3. Then we'd move to 2 and drop down to 8. 1328. That's the code.

If there's any confusion as to why it's not 1238, especially from that diagram, just think about it. When you draw the T, you move from 1 to 3, passing through the 2 without actually stopping there. Only then do you go to the 2 and continue down to the 8. This is also why 5 is not a part of the code since it's only passed through. Again, someone could also draw the T from 2 to 8 and then 1 to 3, but these folks at Brookhaven do it the first way.

Although it doesn't matter, if you're curious about the codes from the last months, they likely would've been 1937 (X) and 1379 (Z), again using the same principle of drawing point to point.

Keep in mind that this code is always the same for the corresponding Riddle Levels. It will always be 7335 on Easy/Normal and always 1328 on Hard/Extra. So once you know the code you can even skip the Examination Room Key since there's no need to go read the whiteboard, although you can decide if the Shotgun Shells in the Doctor's Lounge are worth the trip.