Box of Faces Puzzle (Labyrinth)



Firstly, looking at the odd cube in the center of the room, it contains several faces of different colours and can be rotated in almost any direction. You also may or may not notice a doorway along the indentation in the wall behind it that leads to a boxy, metallic room with door outlines all around it. If there is no doorway there, move the box around and it should appear. The doorway may also disappear if you move the box.

After investigating the cube in the main room and the large metallic room, you'll notice that whatever you do to the cube, the same thing is done to the metallic room. If you turn the cube 90 degrees to the right, the room will turn 90 degrees to the right exactly like the cube. This is where the positions of the doors come into play. Normally the doorways are dead ends unless they are positioned in the right spots.

The idea of this puzzle is to create a doorway on the other side of the room, directly opposite the entrance, while also keeping the entrance door to allow access. So you will need to think ahead and locate two doorways directly across from each other in the large metallic room and find a way to line those up with the entrance and exit, using the box of faces in the other room. If you cannot see any potential solutions on the walls or floor, flip it around so you can see what was on the roof.

Easy/Normal Riddle Level have preset solutions that will work every time, while Hard/Extra is randomized, but the box still operates in the exact same fashion. Do take note that you cannot make certain movements on the cube due to the axis it rotates from. The yellow and green faces can face any direction (left, right, up, down), while the red and blue faces can only face up or down due to the axis. Take this into account when figuring out a solution.


Here there is always the same potential solution that works both ways. Inside the metallic room, take a look around and find the two doorways on opposite sides. Then go to the box and turn it accordingly to line those doorways up to the entrance and exit. Those solutions are:

  1. Green-eyed upside-down face
  2. Yellow-eyed upside-down face

Each of these faces represents one of the doorways and they are on opposite sides, thus they work interchangeably. Once you turn the box to one of these faces, a doorway will open up at the entrance and exit of the room on the other side. You're finished here.


On Hard and Extra, the solution is randomly selected each time, so you'll have to use the manual method by searching for a spot in the metallic room with two doorways on opposite sides. Rotate the box in correspondence to these two doorways so that they align with the entrance and the exit on the opposite side.

It's hard to see the roof though, so if you can't see any potential solution on the walls and floor, flip the box to see what was on top. Once you align two doors properly, you'll notice the doorway and staircase at the other side of the metallic room.

If you want to go for the hit or miss method, feel free to do so. There are twelve possible faces on the cube and if you try them all you'll eventually come up with the solution that puts a doorway and staircase at the other end of the metallic room. Refer to below for all possible solutions. The colour of each face is stated, along with all the possible directions each one can... face.

  1. Yellow eyes - up, down, right, left
  2. Red eyes - up, down
  3. Green eyes - up, down, right, left
  4. Blue eyes - up, down