Forest World

"It's been a while since I came here to Silent Hill. Maybe I'll meet the Devil this time."

Northeast Passage: Opening Forest Pathways

Waking up in a forest, you'll find a tree stump nearby with some weird writing that you can't read, along with some others in this world. Disregard them for now. Head through the gate at the end of the path.

The next path is empty as well but contains a Portal by the double doors at the other end. Continue through the doors.

Northeast Passage: Industrial Pathways

Follow the path down some ramps and you'll meet new bat-like enemies called Hummers. They don't hit hard but they can be really annoying by stunlocking you. Bat them down with the Steep Pipe and stomp them.

Down the second ramp to the left are Pistol Bullets by some barrels. Move on through the next double doors. Move down another ramp to be swarmed by more Hummers. Continue to the right down another ramp and go through the gate to Henry's left.

Northeast Passage: Meeting Jasper

Here you'll find an idling car with the driver's door open. Check the interior to find a note and Jasper's Memo Pad (4/52) on the seat. Continue down the forest pathway and enter the rocky area through the far gate.

A Brand-New Fear Weapon: Chainsaw

ChainsawAfter completing the game once and starting A Brand-new Fear, the E1 Chainsaw will be found stabbed into the ground by the tree stump in the fifth area of the northeast passage, the same area as the running car.

By the large rocks you'll meet who's presumably Jasper. Eventually he'll start talking but you have no obligation to stay and listen to his stuttering. On the other side of the wooden shelf in the middle is a Nutrition Drink on the ground. Head through the other gate when done.

Consider evading the several Sniffers in the next path by zigzagging appropriately, or you may have better luck by sneakily walking around the perimeter. You'll find Sniffers are so much less likely to engage if you calmly walk past them here and anywhere else.

You'll reach an odd structure with a massive rock anvil, which will fall and block the path if you go near it. It has no real significance, so head around it and through the next gate.

You'll have to deal with Sniffers and Hummers on the next path, so consider evading them as well unless you're up for a fight. Head through the end double doors to the Wish House compound.

Wish House Compound

Note the Portal on the right wall, which is only worth the trip if you need to restore some health.

The orphanage's front door is locked and there's nothing else here for the time being, so you'll have to do more exploring. Check your map and head through the northwest door to see what's that way. For the record, there's no key items this way but there is a new health item and an interesting sight for any Silent Hill veterans.

Northwest Passage

Ignore or deal with the Hummers and enter the cave through the next gate. Pass some more Hummers inside and leave through the exit on the other side to the waterfront. If this area looks a bit familiar to you, it's because this is Toluca Lake from Silent Hill 2.

By the left cave wall is a Portable Medical Kit and a Portal farther down. Now that you're done investigating the northwest path, head back to the Wish House compound and through the southwest double door gate to check that way.

Southwest Passage

Head through the next gate to meet the first Ghost of the area. Just run on the left past it towards the Portal on the wall and move through the double doors.

Introduce yourself to the little boy as Jasper joins in a brief scene. Well, all right then. Note the open grave here with the numbers "11121" carved into the coffin and head all the way back to Wish House.

Wish House Compound: Jasper on the Front Porch

Back here you'll now find Jasper waiting on the front porch of Wish House. He'll tell you that he has "something really good" but won't give it up for free. He then says he's really thirsty and goes on about chocolate... Ringing any bells?

You may remember something from your apartment fridge, so use the nearby Portal to return to 302 unless you already have the item.

Room 302

Head straight for the fridge and grab the 8 Chocolate Milk inside, or grab it from your chest if you dumped it in there earlier. If your doorbell is ringing you can check the peephole for a brief scene. Return to Jasper.

Approach Jasper and give him the Chocolate Milk. That hits the spot for him... He then tosses a small spade on the porch for you. Grab the 9 Blood-Inscribed Spade, which has an inscription that serves as a puzzle.

Puzzle: Blood-Inscribed Spade (Wish House Compound)

As you pick up the Blood-Inscribed Spade, you'll see the following inscription on it:

"Opposite where the lake and house meet, inside the hand holding onto the ground."

This is referring to a location to use the spade. Jasper's Memo Pad from his running car touched on this. Remember the "nosy guy" is who gave Jasper the spade.

"I'm not sure what that nosy guy meant when he said: 'His home is the orphanage in the middle. The lake is northwest. So the opposite is southeast.'"

And so Jasper has already done the work for us. Why he didn't go there himself, who knows... You'll find what you're looking for in the southeast passage.

Take the southeast door in the compound to begin your search.

Southeast Passage: The Key to Wish House

Make your way past four pesky Sniffers and through the other gate, then the next empty path and gate. You'll arrive in a small lot with some trees.

Head to the other side of the trees ahead and the camera angle will shift, revealing what looks like a hand coming out of the ground... Creepy. Examine it and Henry will realize it's a root. Remember the inscription though? "Inside the hand holding onto the ground." Use the Blood-Inscribed Spade.

Henry will find the 10 Rusted Bloody Key buried underneath, which has its own inscription.

Puzzle: Rusted Bloody Key (Southeast Passage)

Engraved into the Rusted Bloody Key is:

"The holder of this key will wander for eternity."

Jasper's Memo Pad provides more information regarding this as well:

"The nosy guy said one other thing I don't understand: 'If you bring the dug-up key, you can't go back. Put it away somewhere before you return there.'"

What these two messages explain is that you won't be able to get back to Wish House while carrying this key. If you try, you'll see heavy mist in the previous path and each time you try the other door you'll be transported back to the beginning. But surely by now you should realize what you can do about this. You'll need to find a Portal and utilize your item chest.

Continue through the next gate to the final section of the southeast passage. There you'll find a 11 6-Iron club up the small steps and a Portal to its right. Perfect. Enter the Portal before the Ghost fully enters the area.

Room 302

Enter the living room and dump the Rusted Bloody Key in the chest, along with anything else you don't need. Then return to the forest.

With the key not in your inventory, return to the Wish House compound.

Wish House Compound: Entering the Orphanage

Use the Portal to return to Room 302.

Room 302

Grab the Rusted Bloody Key from the chest and return to the forest.

Key in hand, head over to the entrance and enter Wish House with the Rusted Bloody Key.

Inside, find a small note by the leaning bookshelf ahead alluding to a former series character. There's nothing up the stairs, but to the left is a locked door and a Holy Scripture Scrap (5/52) memo on the red carpet.

Jasper will sneak through the nearby door while you're reading the memo... Even though it was locked. Examine the cracked-open door and take the 12 Source Placard hanging on it. Now enter the room, curious to see what happened.

Room 302

You'll wake up in 302 to a news report. With the doorbell ringing, check your front door peephole for a cutscene. Eileen may or may not be present in her room while you can hear an unimportant news report on the radio.

Dump the placard and anything else you don't need in the chest. Then check the washroom to find the hole has grown again. Dive in and see where it takes you this time.

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