Room 302 of the Past

"Find...him... His...true location... It must be nearby... You must kill...him..."

In the black and white but otherwise familiar apartment, find the Old Picture Book (46/52) and Crimson Tome (47/52) on the living room coffee table. The laundry room won't open so follow the nice array of candles to the bedroom.

Showing strong contrast, grab the Red Diary - August 2 (48/52), Red Diary - August 3 (49/52), Red Diary - August 4 (50/52) and Red Diary - August 5 (51/52) on the desks and floor. The Holy Candle on the bed cannot be taken so head back outside.

Inside the washroom is a Portal. There's nothing new in your apartment for now, so head back down the hall and into the living room for a cutscene.

Note the Pickaxe that shows up in the cutscene, and grab the 73 Pickaxe of Hope from the hallway afterwards. This one is an item rather than weapon.

Take a good look at the red notes on the walls and the cracked wall where the Pickaxe was stabbed. It should clue you in to your next task. You can't break down the wall here, but perhaps you can in your own 302? Dive into the washroom Portal and give it a try.

Room 302

Exit to the hall, and if you head over to the living room you'll hear a loud crash from the end of your hallway. Approach that wall between the bedroom and washroom and use the Pickaxe of Hope to create a hole. Head inside to see what's been hiding here all along...

After the stunning cutscene, examine the "object" of interest. Henry will notice there's something in the coat pocket. Check again to find the 74 Keys of Liberation. Well, well... There's not much else of interest here beyond some familiar items from Silent Hill 2 on the table. Exit back to the hallway.

Before trying to use the keys anywhere, step back in your laundry room to find Joseph's Letter (52/52) now on a low box on the floor, which is the final memo of the game. The Portal only leads back to Room 302 of the Past where there's nothing more for you to do, but give that memo a good read. One part in particular is important:

"When the bell tolls, the ritual begins.
Eileen=mother's body, blood.
Part of the mother's flesh=the super's room.
This is all that I've been able to figure out. I hope this letter gets to you in time..."

Part of the mother's flesh is in the super's room... The Umbilical Cord mentioned in the super's diary. Looks like you'll need it. The super's room 105 is your next destination. Well, how do you get there?

If you're still unsure what those keys may be for, take one wild guess. Liberation... Could it be? Is it time? Go to your front door and use the Keys of Liberation.

Note on third Silver Bullet:
After acquiring the Keys of Liberation, a third pack of Silver Bullets will appear inside Eileen's 2F hospital room back in the Hospital World. To get there requires extreme backtracking with Eileen, taking around 20 minutes or more just to get there. Frankly, it's not worth it at all by this point but it is there if you must have it. Note that you must return to Room 302 of the Past through your laundry room hole and backtrack that way through each previous world. If you use the Keys of Liberation first, Eileen will shift to Outside Room 302 and you won't be able to go back without her. But again, I cannot recommend the trip. It is not worth it.

11. Building World 2nd Time 13. Outside Room 302