Apartment World

"I got this from Miss Galvin a long, long time ago..."

Third Floor: Room 301

Well now, welcome to your apartment building. Before progressing ahead, look directly to your right and enter room 301. Move into the living room to find Mike's Diary (17/52) and a piece of 24 Red Paper on the table, which Henry thinks should be placed under 302's front door. Worth a shot when we're done here.

There are also some porno magazines on the floor to the right, which Henry admires but doesn't have time for. Maybe he'll come back for those later...

Note the Portal on the west wall, but don't enter it yet. Follow the left hallway to the first room on Henry's right. There are two orange-tinted photos in this room with keys taped on their backs. Get the 25 Superintendent's Key from the left photo and the 26 Locker Key #106 from the far photo. Looks like this tenant "Mike" has the hots for a nurse.

Also in the room is Joseph's Article (18/52) on the bed frame, which should be familiar to Silent Hill 3 veterans. When done here, avoid the Ghost in the living room and enter the Portal on the wall.

Room 302

After waking up, head for your front door after exiting to the hallway. You should hear a nasty noise coming from the laundry room – go investigate it for a surprise. I hope those weren't whites in there...

Exit the laundry room and check your front door peephole for a startling sight. Then grab the Red Diary - May 2 (19/52) at the foot of the door. Return to the Apartment World.

Quickly exit the room before the Ghost causes any harm, and head down the hallway towards Room 302. An apparition of the little boy knocks at your door and the room won't open of course. But you can place the Red Paper you got from 301 under your door. To read it, you must return home but this one isn't too important so we can hold off.

You may notice a bunch of dead Sniffers in the hall... Odd. Continue down the hallway past the locked 303 and 304, and enter the stairwell around the corner past another dead Sniffer. Somebody doesn't like doggies...

Stairwell: Meeting the Man with the Coat

A man in a trench coat sits on the stairs. He'll soon explain that Eileen gave him a doll some time ago and offers up said 27 Shabby Doll to you. I recommend you do what you would've done without reading this, but be warned there is some consequence of taking it. Read below.

Note on Shabby Doll:
This is not a key item and has no actual purpose itself. Instead when placed in your item chest it will later on in the game cause a potential haunting to appear whenever near it, although it can be eradicated with a method opened up to you later. Leaving it on the steps erases it as a factor entirely, but perhaps you might be interested in seeing this effect and therefore I actually recommend it the first time. Note that the doll has no effect whatsoever in the PC version whether you take it or not.

All the rooms on 2F are locked so perhaps you'll need to find the keys in the super's room. Continue down to the first floor lobby where you'll find more dead Sniffers and a Portal on the west wall. Find the lockers near the foot of the stairs and use the Locker Key #106 to open it up. A bunch of love letters from Mike to Rachael fall out and that's it. Alrighty.

Enter the west corridor opposite the mailbox lockers.

First Floor West Wing

Find the "Superintendent's Room" sign next to room 105 and enter it with the Superintendent's Key found in 301. Enter the living room to find some items of interest by the west wall. Take the 28 Apartment Keys on the key rack, as well as the 29 Red Paper and 30 Torn Red Paper in the box to the left of it. There's also a note in another box reminding the super to slip these red papers under 302's door.

Before doing that, head into the back bedroom to find the Superintendent's Diary (Umbilical Cord) (20/52) on the nightstand. The smelly red box this memo mentions can be found in the living room, but thankfully Henry has some sense to leave it alone... Leave the room.

Note on Apartment Keys:
Now that you have them, you can use the Apartment Keys to unlock and enter every room in the apartments except for 302 for obvious reasons, and also Eileen's 303 since the key is missing and therefore must be found. Simply try to open each room's door as you would normally and Henry will use the keys as long as they're in his inventory.

Move down the hallway outside and enter room 106. Find the northeast bedroom for a Portable Medical Kit on the bed frame. Beside it is what looks to be a familiar nurse uniform...

There is also a phone in the bedroom which you can use to dial the number on the notepad beside it. It's not fully necessary and only really helps you figure out the third person of the love triangle at South Ashfield Heights. We already know Mike loves Rachael, but does she feel the same about him or is there someone else? Ring Rachael's "darling" to engage in this soap opera storyline.

That said, beyond somewhat of a headache of the ringing phone you'll hear everywhere, you'll trigger a Ghost to appear in the room and it will stalk you throughout the whole apartment building. Make a decision and exit to the hallway. Room 107 contains nothing interesting, so head back to the lobby.

A Trip to 302's Front Door

You'll be doing a lot of exploring and item finding in the apartments now that you have access to most rooms so I highly recommend emptying all current items into 302's chest except for the Apartment Keys and a trusty weapon (I suggest the Rusty Axe).

You also should have two more Red Papers to slip under 302's door. While you can delay this trip until after finding two more of them, it'll clarify your goal, which is finding 303's key, all while clearing up at least two inventory slots in the process.

First, head up to 302's front door and use the Red Paper and Torn Red Paper you got from room 105 (and any others if you have them). Now use the Portal in the lobby to return to 302 and read them.

Room 302

Check your front door peephole for a potential visitor if you haven't yet during this world.

Assuming you've now placed three Red Papers from 301 and 105, you'll find the following at your door: Red Diary - May 14 (21/52), Red Diary - May 20 (22/52), and Red Diary Scrap (23/52).

The Red Diary Scrap was about the explain where Eileen's room key is located but the rest of the paper is torn off... Now we'll need to find it to advance. Return to the apartments and start your search.

Be sure to dump everything except for potentially one weapon and the Apartment Keys so you can pick up a bunch of stuff without returning.

First Floor East Wing

Moving on to 1F's east wing, room 104 only contains a flock of Hummers while 103 is empty as well, so head past any Sniffers and enter 102.

A swarm of Tremers seem to be interested in the fridge, so give them a squash and investigate. Henry finds a dead cat wrapped in some jeans in the fridge, and most importantly another 31 Torn Red Paper.

A Brand-New Fear Eileen Weapon: Submachine Gun

Submachine GunAfter achieving a ranking of at least 9.0/10 (90/100), a E2 Submachine Gun will appear on the island counter in room 102 in your next A Brand-new Fear, except if playing One Weapon Mode.

This weapon can only be used by Eileen but is immensely effective in her hands. Use it wisely, but beware that too much usage can slightly worsen her status, even if it is negligible.

Enter 101 down the hall and don't get too excited about the Shotgun on the kitchen counter, or the crazy assortment of weapons on the wall deeper in the room. Sadly they're all models. It's a cool easter egg though since you may recognize each of them from previous games.

On the bright side, there's a pack of Pistol Bullets on the kitchen counter. There's also a hidden note in the back room shelf that fills in what happened with the dead cat. Exit all the way back to the stairwell and ascend to 2F, starting with the east corridor.

Second Floor East Wing

204 is empty so move around the corner and enter 203 between the stacks of liquor bottles. On the living room floor by even more liquor bottles is a can of 32 Bug Spray, which is a weapon that's only effective on Hummers and otherwise useless and maybe not worth taking up an inventory slot if things are tight, but it's up to you.

In the northwest bedroom is a torn and blood-stained shirt with another 33 Torn Red Paper in the pocket. It's the last of all the Red Papers and you can just advance, but there's plenty more to find in the apartments.

Move on to room 202 down the hall, where you can finally find and answer that damn ringing phone. Pick it up to find that... there's no one there. Well, what did you expect anyway? You made the call, silly. But anyway, what that does is confirm that Rachael's lover is the tenant of this room, while Mike must've been a stalker.

Feel free to examine the portraits around the room which give interesting insight on the other tenants, including the confirmation about Mike.

Farther down the hall is another Ghost, while 201 contains some Hummers to test your Bug Spray on. Return to the stairway and enter the west wing.

Second Floor West Wing

In room 205 you'll find the 34 "Skinned Mike" Cassette on the coffee table in the living room, but that's it (you'll need to return to 302 to listen to it). 206 just contains a Sniffer Dog in each of the east bedrooms, while more Sniffers wait down the hall outside. They seem to be guarding 207, which contains a great weapon worth the risk. Run past and enter.

Move towards the living room to spot a certain someone standing at the window, who will disappear if you approach. Henry notices he was looking at Eileen in room 303 if you examine the window.

Take 35 Richard's Revolver on the orange chair by the window, which is a lot more powerful than the Pistol and uses different ammo.

Another weapon, a 36 Putter golf club, can be found in the northeast bedroom. There is also a cassette player there, but sadly Henry doesn't say anything about it, so you can't listen to the "Skinned Mike" Cassette just yet. Exit the room and head back up to the third floor to finish things off.

Third Floor: Red Papers and Eileen's Room Key

First, it's very easy to forget about room 304 since you don't have the keys when you start up here. Checking inside, you'll find Pistol Bullets in the open side room.

Passing Eileen's locked 303, you can hear her banging the door needing help. Hope she can hang on a bit longer and head to 302's door. Place the two pieces of Torn Red Paper you found in 102 and 203 under 302's door (and any others you haven't placed yet). Now enter 301 and use the Portal to return to 302's interior.

Room 302

Now at your front door will be the Red Diary Scrap (cont.) (24/52) and Mike's Love Letter (25/52), plus any others if you haven't come home to read them yet after placing them. The scrap is the second half of the page that explains where Eileen's room key is, which apparently might be in 302's bedroom.

Enter your bedroom and check between the bed and the far wall by the windows. You'll find the 37 Doll Key on the floor near the head of the bed.

Note that you must read the second half of the memo that explains where it is or it will not show up. That Torn Red Paper is originally in 102's fridge. It is technically the only Red Paper that must be found in the Apartment World and read inside 302.

Now with the key, you can enter 303, but feel free to listen to the "Skinned Mike" Cassette on your living room radio first. If you pay attention, you can hear exactly how the two pieces of Mike's clothing (and red papers inside) ended up in 102 and 203, if you read the portrait notes in 202 that describe each tenant. Return back through the Portal.

Exit 301 and use the Doll Key to enter 303 and watch a cutscene.

Room 302

See what's going on outside your window after waking up to sirens. Exit the bedroom and check Eileen's peephole to hear what's going on in her room.

Check under the front door for the Red Diary - July 13 (26/52) and 38 Succubus Talisman. Also notice the very faint 20th handprint on the wall out your front door peephole.

If you enter your washroom, you'll find that the hole is blocked... Check inside your laundry room for an update, remembering what happened to the dryer before.

Notice anything weird on the wall? Examine it and Henry will comment that it looks like an evil demon. Odd... You did just pick up the Succubus Talisman, which also has a demon on it... Go for it and use it while aiming at the face.

Read the newly-appearing note on the wall, and notice the four square depressions around it. Ring any bells? Retrieve the four placards from your chest and insert them into the appropriate depressions.

The Temptation Placard goes on the left, Source Placard on the right, Watchfulness Placard at the top, and the Chaos Placard at the bottom. A new, perfectly round hole will appear. Consider saving your game and emptying some items in your chest, including the Apartment Keys, and enter the new Portal.

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