Forest World 2nd Time

"Though my body be destroyed, I will not let you pass here."

Cemetery: The Torch

Welcome to the forest... again. Starting in the cemetery, you'll find a 51 Torch lying on the platform by the fixed torch flame in the northwest. Examine the flame to set the torch alight, but it won't last very long as is and it's unclear what we need it for at the moment. Note that the flame will also go out immediately if you switch weapons.

The Man with the Coat may join if you explore the other corner and find the marked coffin with Hummers inside. There's also some weird writing here and many other areas which Eileen can read if you give her the time once any enemies have been cleared. When done, light your torch and proceed to the next path.

Southwest Passage: Doll's Head and Walter's Harassment

Note the Portal on the wall, while the Man with the Coat will enter the area once you proceed. By now you should know who that man is, so I'll refer to him as Walter from now on.

If you lit the Torch in the graveyard, you can find an item inside the dark well on this path. Check it for the 52 Doll's Head... Interesting. With Walter surely rushing you, quickly grab the Nutrition Drink on the ground by the lamp pole. Keep on trucking past the Sniffers and head through the next gate with Eileen, waiting for her to catch up. You can also pull a trick of passing through if it gets too hairy and then returning to claim her.

You'll generally want to run windingly in the forest for three reasons – to dodge Sniffers and other enemies, dodge Walter's bullets if he's chasing you, and to not get too far ahead of Eileen. Three in one, baby. Do note that quietly walking around the edges is another method of dealing with Sniffers since they're much less likely to engage you, and always being on the move (even at slow speed) can work well for Walter.

Continue past another Sniffer on the next path and enter the Wish House compound.

Note on Walter's mechanics:
Walter will now follow and harass you through many areas of the following worlds. Simply put, he cannot be killed and isn't worth fighting. He can, however, be put out of commission for a few minutes within the same area and allow you to explore with respite. If you wish to do so, go with the Rusty Axe and consider equipping a weapon for Eileen to help. But otherwise, I suggest just running past him and to try to dodge his bullets and melee swings. Don't fret if he lands some shots which is sure to happen anyway. It's just something you'll have to deal with.

Wish House Compound

Relax, you're home free from Walter... for now. Looks like there was an unfortunate incident at Wish House, probably caused by our buddy Jasper earlier... It's had some "remodelling". Around the center of the wreckage lies Jasper's Burned Memo (35/52).

Head up the sloped platform to claim a Holy Candle, while to the right sits a headless, armless and legless human-sized doll in a wheelchair. Examine it for the Wheelchair Doll Text (36/52) memo, revealing the next puzzle.

Puzzle: Wheelchair Doll Parts (Wish House Compound)

Written on the doll is the following riddle:

"Though my body be destroyed, I will not let you pass here. To prepare for the Receiver of Wisdom... I cut my body into five pieces and hid them in the darkness.

When my body is once again whole, the path to below will be opened. If you are the Receiver of Wisdom, you will understand my words.

The ritual has begun..."

So five pieces of this doll (currently just a torso) have been hidden in the darkness. If you found the first one, it was in a dark well and could only be obtained with the lit Torch, which is crucial to your search.

Jasper's Burned Memo found near the remains also alludes to a well:

"Something's here but nothing's here. I feel something from the well. Something's missing. Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!!! It has begun!!!"

So it seems this doll embodies Jasper... But importantly this memo clues you in to check the wells if you haven't figured it out yet. You'll need to light your Torch with a "Holy Flame" found nearby to look into them and collect the remaining doll parts, spread all over the forest.

As the riddle concludes, a path will open below the doll once all five parts have been placed. Crystal clear, now get started. Continue below to find the remaining four parts, along with the first one mentioned above.

Before leaving, use the Doll's Head to start the reclamation process. If you missed it, it's in the well in the penultimate southwest passage and requires the Torch to be lit (a fixed torch is in the cemetery).

Note that there's more strange writing in this area for Eileen to read if you wish, plus there's a 53 Chain weapon for her on the left side of the orange jungle gym along the east wall. It's actually quite an impressive weapon so let her try it out.

Note the Portal on the wall and consider a trip back to your apartment.

Room 302

Find the Red Diary - July 18 (37/52) at your door with more info on Walter. Now enter your laundry room, and before heading back, there's actually a blue tank filled with oil in here directly under the Portal.

Use the Torch while looking and it and Henry will soak it in oil. Doing this will extend the life of flames on your Torch, from about 30 seconds to 3 full minutes. This gives you a lot more time to locate the next well without rushing back to light it again. Proceed back to the forest.

Take the southeast door to begin your search of the remaining four wells and doll parts.

Southeast Passage: Doll's Left Leg

Just Hummers in here, along with a Nutrition Drink on the northeast grass near the other door. Head to the next path to meet more Hummers and Walter saying hello again. Quickly dive through the east gate with Eileen.

Move forward and turn left past the far tree to find Silver Bullets (again only one). Don't miss it since it's just one of only two in the game (or three if you plan on an insane backtracking quest).

Head through the other gate to find another Nutrition Drink up the stairs and a Portal on the wall. There's also a well between the two stairways. Find the "Holy Flame" in the center of the area to light up, then find the 54 Doll's Left Leg in the well. If you haven't yet, I recommend soaking your Torch with the oil in 302's laundry room to make the flame last longer for the next wells.

Now return to Wish House, place the Doll's Left Leg into the wheelchair doll, and explore the northeast passage of the forest.

Northeast Passage: Doll's Left Arm and Doll's Right Arm

Head past the taunting Twin Victim and through the east gate. There's an easy-to-miss Holy Candle here right by the west gate of the second path. There's also a well in here but your Torch may not be lit. There's a flame in the next area but honestly you'll be coming back later so just keep on going and get the part on the way back.

In the next area with the large rocks you'll meet Jasper's Ghost, Victim 17. Also note there's a Saint Medallion between the two small rocks on the left side to help you deal with him.

Ghost Victim 17: Jasper Gein (Optional Mini-Boss)

Looks like your buddy has had a rough go and is still on fire... Ouch. Quite frankly, despite his intimidating appearance, Jasper doesn't really stand out as being overly difficult to deal with as one of the more powerful Ghosts in the game.

That said, he does have an insanely damaging area of effect attack which can take huge chunks out of your health if you hang around him for long enough. And he does have a weapon and will smack you if close, but he'll only really follow you through this portion of the forest plus a few sections later and can be easily outrun.

Therefore I recommend ignoring him and proceeding, but you're always free to beat him down and stab him with a Sword of Obedience if he's a nuisance. The easiest way as always is a Silver Bullet, but if you used one on Cynthia already I highly recommend you do not use your second one (found in the southeast passage of the forest) on Jasper. This is because the next Victim in the next world is a nightmare and you'll want to save it for him.

If you want to beat Jasper down, just turn to the Rusty Axe and its charge up attacks, performing regular swings as you charge up. As always you'll have to knock him down many times before you can stab in a sword. Keep plugging away until his fire fades, at which point you can stab him. To give yourself an easier time while preventing damage, especially with his dangerous area of effect damage, find and equip the Saint Medallion that's in this lot.

Holy Candles can help with Jasper as well, but I've found him to be the strongest at repelling them and even two candles may not be enough to down him. They can help you keep him on the spot to attack, but he'll probably float away anyway once hit. This makes him better suited for attacking while using a Saint Medallion for your own protection (and to slow him down).

Proceed through the east gate to leave the rocky area, whether you handled Jasper or not.

Dart past the Hummers and up the factory area ramp, where you'll find a Nutrition Drink by the far wall by the other ramp. Proceed up the next ramp and through the doors, then follow more ramps through the next doors.

Note the Portal on the wall now back in another forest section. Light your Torch with the "Holy Flame" behind the far tree on the right side (Henry's right) and pass through the other gate to the end of the passage.

Ignore the Gum Heads and run to the well ahead to find the 55 Doll's Right Arm inside. Now fight them if you wish, and claim the Holy Candle by the far fence at the end of the path and the Nutrition Drink on the other side of the low fence by the gate you came in.

Now head all the way back to the Wish House compound, passing Gum Heads now appearing on the previous path. And remember to get the other doll part on the way back if you don't have it yet. Light your Torch with the flame in the rock area where Jasper appeared, then check the well on the next path on the way back to the compound. You'll get the 56 Doll's Left Arm.

Return to Wish House to insert the Doll's Left Arm and Doll's Right Arm into the wheelchair doll, then investigate the northwest passage.

Northwest Passage: Doll's Right Leg

Find your way past the two Twin Victims. There's a well here and if your flame is still going, grab the part. But if not that's fine, there's a flame just ahead. Proceed down the path, grab the Nutrition Drink by the gate and enter the cave.

With no enemies in the cave for now, take the Pistol Bullets to the right by some barrels and tanks. Just a bit past that on the left side is the haunting 57 Pickaxe of Despair, which is a slow, but very powerful weapon. Just a bit past that is a Nutrition Drink by the far wall. Now exit the cave to the lakefront.

Find the Revolver Bullets beside the Holy Flame to the right, while a cutscene with the little boy will trigger the other way. Afterwards, note the camera angle and grab the 58 Crested Medallion on the headstone. You may want to dive into the Portal on the wall to clear some inventory space for all these items, especially if you need to get the doll part on the way back.

Light your Torch on the flame by the cave entrance if you still need the part and head back through the cave, running past all the Ghosts now inside. On the other side, check the well for the 59 Doll's Right Leg and proceed back to Wish House.

Wish House Compound: Under the Wheelchair Doll

Now insert the Doll's Right Leg into the wheelchair doll for a cutscene, assuming you've inserted all five parts. A hole in the floor will be revealed. Head inside with Eileen.

Down the stairs, the Decent of the Holy Mother - The 21 Sacraments (38/52) memo is on an altar, below a familiar crest on the wall. Left of the altar is a locked door with a round depression about 10 inches wide – if you check your Crested Medallion, it says it's 10 inches wide. Use it and leave.

Below Forest World

You know the drill. Find the Portal near the bottom and dump anything you don't need, specifically the Torch. Then proceed through the door at the end with Eileen. In the circular room there, step into the small chamber just ahead for a cutscene.

08. Subway World 2nd Time 10. Water Prison World 2nd Time